About Chill Cereal Bar

The chill cereal bar and café is a great fun event for people of all ages. The business was created by my son Elijah, who is 13 years old. I decided to take his vision and turn it into a reality.​

 The start of the business happened on March the 7th, which is national cereal day. We did our first pop up at a daycare that had a mixture of all ages. When observing how the pop was going, I really enjoyed seeing the kid’s faces light up and enjoying each other. This reminded me of how it’s the little things that can bring us the most joy.

When experiencing the cereal bar, you will laugh, have fun, and enjoy all varieties of cereal, milk, and toppings.The business is focused on bringing families and others together to spend quality time with each other while eating something everyone loves; cereal! In our current society, we are technology bound, everyone is on their phones consistently. Individuals having to put their phones down and communicate with each other is very important in creating strong families and communities.

We are unique in what we do and want to bring the community back together, one cereal bowl at a time!

Community Outreach

Bringing the community together is a big part of chill cereal bar vision. More now than ever the world is showing that unity is needed. We try to reach out to variety of people in different areas just to show support and be a listening ear. We firmly believe in equality and make an effort to support these causes.

For change it will take all of us!


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?"

-Martin Luther King JR


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